Embrace an Active Lifestyle at Cardigan Ridge Senior Living

Staying active is vital for maintaining independence and well-being at any age. Active Therapy MN, conveniently serving Cardigan Ridge Senior Living, offers a team of dedicated physical, occupational, and speech therapists committed to helping you achieve your highest level of function and live a fulfilling life.

Our Tailored Therapy Services:

  • Physical Therapy: Improve your balance, strength, mobility, and fall prevention strategies. Our therapists can also assist with pain management, transfer safety, and equipment needs.
  • Occupational Therapy: Regain confidence in daily living activities like dressing, bathing, cooking, and managing household tasks. We also address vision needs, skin integrity, and incontinence management.
  • Speech Therapy: Enhance your communication skills, memory, and problem-solving abilities. Our therapists can also address swallowing difficulties to ensure safe and comfortable eating and medication administration.

Personalized Care for Your Goals:

We believe in providing individualized care plans tailored to your specific needs and aspirations. Our skilled and compassionate therapists prioritize getting to know you and collaboratively develop a program that empowers you to live the life you desire.

Additional Services:

  • Fall Prevention Programs: Learn strategies to minimize fall risk and maintain safety within your living environment.
  • Cognitive Assessments: Gain valuable insights into your cognitive health.

Experience the Active Therapy MN Difference:

  • Convenience: Receive therapy services conveniently onsite at Cardigan Ridge Senior Living.
  • Flexibility: We offer one-on-one therapy sessions with flexible scheduling options.
  • Therapist Consistency: Build trust and rapport with your dedicated therapist.
  • Interdisciplinary Care: We collaborate with the Cardigan Ridge Senior Living team to ensure a holistic approach to your well-being.
  • Maintenance Programs: Maintain your progress with specialized programs designed to sustain your achievements.

We’re here to provide you with your therapy needs without having to leave your community. For more information or to book an appointment, please fill out the form below.


My 101 year old father lived there for almost 2 years. He was well cared for. I met so many kind caregivers and people who loved working with the elderly that lived there and would call many of these people friends. They are awesome.

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